Cutting-Edge Technology to Save on Energy Costs

Welcome to Onics Energy Solutions. We are experts in delivering cutting-edge technology to significantly reduce your increasing spend on energy. Onics Energy mitigates Total Harmonics Distortions with our OES-11 cost-effective filter. Our team is dedicated to providing substantial cost savings to each and every client and guarantee results with every installation.

The ultimate goal is to help clients reduce their electric current waste and optimize the overall energy distribution system.

Almost any type of business can save up to 25% on their electricity bills with Onics Energy. But aside from the straight cash savings, working with us and using our OES-11 filters offers other attractive benefits including:



The Onics Energy Approach

The Onics Energy Solutions team has developed a seamless process from our first site visit to installation of our OES-11 filters in your facility. We provide sole accountability for your project and aim for a high level of customer satisfaction by clearly setting expectations and communicating effectively throughout the process.


The Onics Energy Promise

The Onics Energy team has a shared commitment to continual improvement and service excellence. Through hard work, on-going training and education, and continually improving best practices, our talented and skilled team consistently delivers the greatest value to clients like you.

Our job is to serve our clients through mutually beneficial arrangements, and we recognize that our continued success is dependent upon your success.

The Onics Energy Benefit

Working with Onics Energy Solutions will help to reduce your carbon footprint to become more green and eco-friendly – all while saving you more. By becoming one of our valued customers, Onics Energy will provide you with personalized, comprehensive due diligence in our evaluation of your overall energy usage.

Once we have all the numbers, and install our equipment, our OES-11 filters will efficiently mitigate the harmonics of all your equipment running in a single panel with no need of maintenance. After a time, you will also get a before-and-after comparison to show the savings value of our devices.

Best of all, our OES-11 filters come with a LIFETIME warranty!


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